Do We Love the Lord?


Do We Love Jesus?

The gravest question any of us face is whether we do or do not love the Lord.  Too much hinges on the answer to pass the matter off lightly.  And it is a question that no one can answer for another.  Not even the Bible can tell the individual man that he loves the Lord; it can only tell him how he can know whether or not he does.  It can and does tell us how to test our hearts for love as a man might test ore for the presence of uranium, but we must do the testing.  A.W. Tozer (That Incredible Christian)

Dear Lord,

We want nothing more than to know that our love for You is real.  Please show us through Your Word how to test our hearts.  Enable us and guide us forward in our faith.  Bring us into a new level in our walk with You.  Open what needs opening so that Your love may fill us and return again to You in enraptured worshippers.  Let us learn direct from You the great burning question that our hearts demand.  Do we love You as we should?  On our knees we wait anxiously to hear Your verdict.  Speak to us now we pray!




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