In Jesus


In Jesus

‘Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.’  John 15:4 (NIV)

Jesus repeatedly draws this connection between being in Him like a vine and the branches.  We can take from His insistence that there is importance to what He is trying to teach.  We know that He wants us to be tied to Him in one form or another.  But how?  In what Way are we to remain in Him?  What does it mean to be found in Him?  What is all this talk of being “In” Jesus?

Does Jesus mean that we need to be “into” Him like a person is “into” their favorite hobby?  Does He mean “in” in the sense like we can be “into” a good book?  Does He mean that we are “in” Him when we turn our attention away from ourselves and try to place our attention in Him?  Does “in” mean that we are sufficiently moved in our hearts that we place our love in Him?  Are we “in” Him when we would call ourselves people who live in His name?  Do we use “in” to mean that we look at ourselves in the light of His words, in His teachings, and in His sacrifice?  Does “in Him” mean that we find ourselves lost when He is not in whatever we are doing or thinking?  Do we need to know that He is present in all we do and say for us to be involved “in” it?  Are we more comfortable even when our world is falling down around us, as long as we know that we are “in” His hands?

We may say that we are “in” Jesus when we tie our name to His.  We pray, “In Jesus´ name,” when we want to place special importance and tie ourselves to God.  Could this be what Jesus means when He encourages us to be “in” Him?  Or might He be asking for us to be a little more attached to what we are referring to?  Does He want us to be aware that we are receiving something “inside” of ourselves?  Is this Something that was originally “in” Him?  Is What He gives to us to be “internalized” until it actually forms a part of us?  Is it actually Something of Him we have growing “in” us?  Does it start as just a little notion that we can detect “within” us?  Does it then grow “in” us as we become more aware of Him?”  Are we constantly pulled closer “in” towards Him?  Does our bond grow until we cannot think of functioning without His Presence “in” our lives and “in” our hearts?

The true Christian should be concerned about what they mean when we consider Christ in us.  Far too many will refuse to give it thought.  Jesus taught it.  We would do well to bring our opinions to Him.  We can morn those who are too proud or too set in their ways to bend their knee and ask Him what He may still teach us today.  But most important is where we stand “in” relation to Him.  He encourages us.  Those who feel the urge can come to Him.  We can look “in” His Word.  We can see His answer “in” what He would whisper in our studies.”  We can put our hopes and our prayers “in” Him.  We can place our hands and our hearts “in” Him.  He will not leave us alone.  He will find a Way “in” if we let Him.  Is having Jesus “in” us what we will seek today?

Dear Jesus,

In Your name we pray that You are found in us now!  Although the mystery of You in us is something You will have to reveal to us personally, we seek it now as our lives depend upon it.  Do not let us try to do anything without seeking You first.  Be in everything we do, say, think, have and hold!  Let us be in You as the branches in the vine.  Let us find all we need in You!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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