Do We KNOW God?

Do We KNOW God?

‘They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the One who sent me.’  John 15:21 (NIV)

What is the real reason that people who call themselves good, can act in a manner contrary to the Bible and without compassion for others?  Jesus tries to show us.  He makes no effort to conceal the answer.  He leaves us little room to carry on guessing.  We can say that it is because they give their hearts over to evil.  We could say that they choose to harbor darkness within instead of Light.  And we would be correct in saying so.  But there are many who have actually convinced themselves that they are doing the right things.  There are some that think they please God.  What about those ones?  How are they able to pull a blindfold over their eyes?  How can they miss reading into the teachings of Jesus?  How can they miss something so important as the fact that God is Love?  Could Jesus be trying to open our eyes by sharing the fact that the people who have no more charity left for others have grown this way because they do not really know God?

It would be an affront to try and tell any Christian that they do not know God.  We would lose friends at a rapid rate.  We might even get ourselves ostracized from our religious community if we did.  But unfortunately by our fruits we will be known.  The unsympathetic Christian demonstrates without any need for defending themselves with convenient texts, just where their heart lies.  The people who stand each day in the direct company of God would find it nearly impossible to do injury to those they come into contact with.  Those who strive so hard to find the loving God at work within them, are the first to get upset at themselves when they see that only darker feelings stir within them.  Those penitent souls who ache to see the face of One, who sacrificed everything to bring the love of God to them, are pained beyond words when they themselves are not capable of caring for those around them.  Jesus says the would-be saint who shows no love is able to act that way because they do not know the One Who sent Him.  When we find ourselves being unkind, is it because we too are forgetting to come to know God?

God is good!  God is love!  God is and has been forever working to bring us all together!  God wants even better things for us than we would know how to ask for!  God can see what is truly beneficial for us!  He knows what we need!  We only think we know.  But we have a hard time seeing beyond our short lives.  We struggle to look beyond our current interests.  He looks past today.  He looks beyond the grave.  God looks into eternity!  And He wants us to be experiencing all the blessings that He prepares for us!  To come close to Him is to realize all these things about Him!  To know Him is to love Him!  To draw near to God is to enter the very Presence of Love!  To find ourselves with Him is to enter an embrace that overwhelms us with good-will and charity!  God´s love heats anything that comes close enough.  Anyone who comes near to the Lord in honesty of heart and soul will surely radiate warmth to those whose lives they touch. Could we each benefit today to test how hot the fire of love of God rages within us?  Who cares to know if they truly know God now?

Dear Jesus,

Shine Your Light in us.  Expose every dark corner of our souls.  Drive away any harmful sentiments we may harbor inside.  Draw us so close to You and the Father today that God´s love glows in our hearts too!  Fan the flame of love within us to burn so hot that it warms everything in our lives.  Let God´s love radiate from us!  Let the Presence of Love in our lives show that we have come to know God we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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