Not Alone

Not Alone

“But a time is coming, and has come, when you will be scattered, each to his own home. You will leave me all alone. Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.’  John 16:32 (NIV)

Jesus is teaching with careful pointedness.  Even His Disciples remark at how clearly He is directing His words unto us.  They exclaim that it is evident He can see all the wonders of God.  They say that finally their hearts have no more doubt.  They know that Jesus is God´s Son.  In this moment of bonding, when souls are most united, Christ continues our instruction.  He wants us to get one thing straight.  He wants us to see this vital truth that will forever help us.  So what would Jesus have us know?

Christ knows and can see what is to come.  God sees the end from the beginning.  This is a marvel beyond words.  Times will get tough.  All will be scattered.  Even the closest to the Lord will at some point leave Him.  Our earthly tendencies and our natures will separate us from Him at times.  It is sad, but true.  But Jesus will never be alone.  His Father is with Him.  With God there is no separation.  God does not leave, even when the whole world abandons.

Jesus walks with God!  Jesus never took one step on His own.  Right from the first of us to the last, we have all taken more than our fair share of steps alone.  But the Son never did that.  Christ is the conqueror because He was true to God.  He never looked away.  Every step, every word, everything!  It was all done for and with the Father!  Do we know what that could be like?  What would our lives be like if we could say the same?

God is!  God not only opened Himself to Jesus.  God has held His arms opened to everyone in the world.  We have never been alone for one second.  If we imagine distance, it is there because we are not coming fully to Him.  Something deep within us needs to reach out to God for the barriers that sin, insufficient theology and our selfish distraction with the world, to be peeled back.  Jesus never allowed Himself to have any of these problems.  He put God first always!  He kept the doors of His soul opened wide to the Father!  He was never alone!  He will never be alone!

We have been offered a chance to have those doors of our heart opened too!  Jesus became our Way!  He walked a straight road.  It was a bumpy ride, but He had the Best of Companions!  Now the passage has been paid for us!  We too can work towards the same destination.  Although we have obstacles to overcome, they are not ours to bear alone.  We are not alone because Jesus was never alone.  We can have God with us and we can have Jesus with us!  We can be with God as long as we are with His Son!  We can have the sweetest of all blessings too!  We could be with Him now.  We can choose to seek Him always!  When we do, we are not alone!

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for Your careful and pointed instruction.  Thank You for paying the great price.  Thank You for taking on the job of being our arbitrator and our Guide.  Now let us take You up on Your offer of love.  Let us draw near to Your side.  Let us follow Your every move.  Let us come so close that we do not ever take one step alone.  There with You we will never be alone!  With You we will be with God!  Thank You!  Now please, take our hand and hold on tight, we are still so wobbly on our knees.


by S.D. Wonenberg




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