Surely We Know

Surely We Know

‘Why question me? Ask those who heard me. Surely they know what I said.”  John 18:21 (NIV)

Jesus is on trial.  They want to know how to effectively deal with Him.  But they need enough evidence.  They need proof.  They need to find a way to say He is worth getting rid of.  To do this they question Jesus.  Are we talking about the night of Jesus´ trial?  Or are we talking of today?  Jesus responds.  He gives an interesting answer.  He says why not ask those who have heard Him.  Should we want to place ourselves within the picture somehow, where would that place us?  Can we be included in those who have heard Jesus?  He mentions that the ones who have heard the teachings of Jesus will know what He said.  Is that us?  Do we know?

The first response off the lips of nearly every Christian is, “Yes, we know!”  We are quick to profess our love and our belief in the teachings of our Saviour.  We know the stories well.  We have given ourselves to a lifestyle and a community of believers like us who stand out on what we know of the Son of God.  We have made the great decision to follow Him.  We fill our bookshelves with all kinds of material related to this belief in Jesus.  We regularly listen to like-minded believers who elaborate upon the faith in Jesus Christ.  Surely we know what He said.  Surely we are the ones who know what He taught.  Surely it is us who have heard His voice.  Or are we just fooling ourselves?

Perhaps there are some who see themselves in the story as if they were on the side of Caiaphas or Annas.  Perhaps there are some who are still questioning our Lord.  They are not sure just yet how to take Jesus either.  But for those who think we do know.  How are we so sure?  Are we building our confidence upon that book we read once-upon-a-time?  Are we so sure because a while back we made a bold declaration of faith or a decision?  Or is it because we are walking each day next to the Author and Finisher of our faith?  Are we hearing from Him and speaking to Him each day?  Is it His whisper in our ear which guides us as we walk through our daily lives?  Does He tell us how to act and react to each of the situation we face today?  Is it His instruction that we have discovered is pertinent to how we should proceed right now that tells us He is near and that His wisdom more than helps us through our day?  Is it the things Christ is teaching us today that tell us how to love, share, do our business and handle all our affairs?  Is it this closeness we share with Him that is telling us what He has to say to us now?  Surely we know!  If we don´t where do we stand?  If we don´t know Him, what do we really know?

Dear Jesus,

We don´t want an empty religion.  We don´t ask for hollow teachings.  We want to know You!  We want to hear You!  We want to walk by Your side!  We want to know You so well that it is Your influence in our lives that tells us how to be in this world.  We want to be Christians not by name alone!  We want to be Christians because of how well we know You and how much of You we have!  So pour our more of Yourself to us today!  Pour out so much right now that nobody will ever need to question.  Share so much of You with us today that everyone will easily see without doubt that surely we know!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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