The Rooster Crows

The Rooster Crows

Again Peter denied it, and at that moment a rooster began to crow.  John 18:27 (NIV)

He is in a difficult spot.  Peter is challenged over his dealings with the Lord.  They are accusing him of being a Jesus freak right in the moment when it is not the safe thing to do.  This could ruin his life.  It might even end his life if they find out the truth.  If they know that he has given his heart to Jesus, they will not forgive him.  There seems to be no escape.  So he brushes off the subject.  He denies His Saviour again.  At that moment, the rooster crows!  When he has repeatedly refuses to own up to his part with Jesus, there comes a moment where both he and his Master know that it has gone too far.  For Peter it was there in that courtyard.  Where are we when the rooster crows?

The crowing of the rooster in western society has come to mean a few more things other than what happened to Peter that night.  We can use it now to mean the ending of something as the rooster heralds the end of the night in the break of dawn.  We may use it to show that finally someone has realized something.  But the catch-phrase could also be used to refer to a moment where one era has ended and a new one is beginning.  Like the darkness gives way to the daylight as the rooster proclaims its arrival, so too something may be left behind as we enter this new day.

Peter realizes that he has gone further from his Lord than he ever imagined he could go.  He loves Jesus and thinks his love is so strong that he would die for Him.  But our highest wishes for ourselves and the painful reality are often quite different when played out in the scenes of our daily lives.  We think we are walking close to our Saviour, but so many times we realize where we have wandered off on our own.  We think we are leaning upon Jesus´ shoulder but often we find we are secretly struggling to shoulder our burdens on our strength.  We think our faith in Jesus is what drives us and keeps us, but when the rooster crows for us what will we see?

The story of Peter finds hope for him.  Jesus has his man restored to a healthy faith through realization and repentance.  Peter learned his lessons and wakes up to a new era in his dedication to the Son of God

The crowing of the rooster surely put behind him a dark night in his life.  It may have been an excruciatingly painful experience.  But the good it worked for Peter and subsequently to the faith of all Christianity to follow, shines light upon this new dawning.  We too can wake up in faith.  We too can find hope.  It may not be such a bad thing that we hear that rooster crow.  What is important is what we do when we do realize where we stand.  It just might herald for us a new day coming where we are set free from our failures.  We can repent.  We can begin a new time of seeking our Lord.  We can come near to our Saviour like never before.  And it will be because the rooster crows for us!

Dear Jesus,

Please open our hearts so that we can see any areas where we may have let ourselves be blinded or ignorant of our standing with You.  Sound the alarm!  Make us aware of any separation or way we may be denying You!  Let this night end!  Show us how to make amends!  Let our rooster´s crow herald a new day of faith for us!  Let us put our failures behind and press forward in a faith set free to follow You wherever You will lead!  Let the rooster crow in our lives today we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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