How We Know

How We Know

“Is that your own idea,” Jesus asked, “or did others talk to you about me?”  John 18:34 (NIV)

“Are You the King of the Jews?”  Pilate asks Jesus directly.  Instead of a quick, off-hand answer Jesus turns the question around on His inquirer.  Christ forever teaches.  The Lord is always leading.  For those who care, there is instruction in all that He says and does.  The one doing the interrogation may have his doubts, but he is not altogether uninformed.  The questioner has surely heard of the miracles.  He has been informed of the thousands who have gone to great lengths to go to Jesus to hear His teachings or to see Him personally.  The blind have seen.  The deaf have heard.  Those of all kinds of ailments have been eased of their troubles.  Even the dead have returned to life.  There is little secret about Jesus.  The question really is not about whether or not Jesus is important.  What is the real and most serious question?  Is it rather what the inquirer is going to do with his or her knowledge?  Could the most pressing issue be eternally more crucial to know how we have come to know?  Has someone merely told us?  Or have we come through the process of learning ourselves?

Turn the pages from the days of Pilate.  We see with sad reflection what he did with his encounter with the Son of God.  Whatever he had known about Jesus lost in a moment whatever beneficial reward it could have had for him.  He let his chance to come to know Jesus slip away.  He was blessed enough to see our Saviour face-to-face, and he was not sufficiently moved to seek God.  The eternal fate of the redeemed and the condemned is sealed by the result of how Pilate handled that moment of questioning.  What about us?

Whether we see it or not we come each day to a moment of questioning.  We may come across it a thousand times a day.  Is Jesus the King?  Is He the King of someone else?  Is He our King?  How do we know?  Has someone told us?  Or have we taken the time to work these things out with Him?  Have we gone out of our way to seek Him?  Have we even tried to find Him?  Have we settled for someone else´s testimony who perhaps had met Him some other time in another place?  Or did we get out of our routine long enough to have come to Him?  Is there any chance that we could be letting our moment with the Saviour slip away too?  While we point our incriminating fingers at Pilate for sentencing Jesus to death, should we rather take a good hard look at how we know our King right now?

Dear Jesus,

Forgive us for being so short-sighted.  As Christians we should keep these things we know so close to our hearts.  But so many times we fail to place importance upon them.  So many times we look at the world around us instead of looking at Your love and Your glory.  You are our rightful King.  You have bought that right with Your own life.  You come to us when we are not even looking.  You faithfully show us the Way to the Father.  You teach us of His love.  You are the One thing that we need.  You stand between endless wonderful discoveries and eternal banishment.  But where we fail you is when we overlook how we know?  We make the same mistake as Pilate when we don´t come to You personally.  Please let us come now!  Draw us into such a close embrace that we will forever know how we know You are our King!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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