One Who Sees Testifies

One Who Sees Testifies

The man who saw it has given testimony, and his testimony is true. He knows that he tells the truth, and he testifies so that you also may believe.  John 19:35 (NIV)

They want to clean up the mess before their solemn day.  But when they are going to break the legs of our Saviour, they find Him already dead.  To double-check they stick Him with a spear in the side.  Blood and water gush out but their test is sure.  Christ has left the land of the living.  The Spirit has left His body.  The man who sees all of this gives us his testimony.  He has seen Jesus.  He has seen what happened.  He has seen so many incredible things.  He is an eye-witness.  And he is moved by what he sees.  His experience with the Lord burns within him.  He has to tell the world.  He cannot remain silent.  A man who has walked with the Lord, who truly has walked with the Lord, is this kind of man.  The person who has watched Jesus do so much for so many people, struggles against his soul.  What he or she has witnessed must come out.  It is impossible to hold it in.  This is not a duty but a burden.  It is a release.  They know what they have seen and that truth will smolder until it finds a Way to be shared. The one who sees testifies.

John was there that day when his Master gave His life for us.  He goes on to write, preach and share with the world all the marvels he was witness to.  In his teaching we can see the love he feels for his Master and Friend.  We can also see the love he receives and how it moves him to the core.  We can learn of the miracles, the teachings of Jesus and the Way the Son of God moves here on earth.  All this is brought to us because of John´s testimony.  We can believe because he gives us this testimony.

When earthly man walks with Deity there is a definite reaction.  It would be entirely impossible to stand in the Presence of God and not be moved.  One could not really spend time with Jesus and not be affected.  Were a person to approach the Lord superficially with their heart bound up tight, then perhaps they could go back to a life of trying to forget God and immersing themselves in their own pursuits.  But the ones we are talking about are the ones who actually see.  These are the ones whose eyes are opened.  These are the ones who see.  These will discover a need to testify.

People who have truly experienced God or received a heightened awareness of Him, are the ones who give their testimony to the world.  All through the ages we are given flavorful messages from these blessed souls.  Today´s churches were founded by them.  The entire world is made aware of Christ´s sacrifice and His teachings by men and women who have met Him, seen Him to some degree or been touched by Him.  Apostles, preachers, evangelist, writers and poets all have experience Him.  Friends and family have been touched.  It is these testimonies that are felt and have to be shared.  Does this make us look at ourselves?  Does it make us check our hearts today?  How much of Jesus have we experienced?  Is it enough to move us?  Does what we see in Him need to find a Way out?  Do we burn inside from how we have been touched?  Do we need to testify?

Dear Jesus,

Move again into our lives.  Draw us closer still to You.  Thrill our hearts to the point where we cannot stand it any longer.  Set our souls alight with what we see of You!  Make it burn inside of us!  Make what we experience of You so overwhelm us that we just have to share!  Let us be the ones who see!  Let us be the ones who ache until we find a Way to testify to what we see of You!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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