Go On To Believe

Go On To Believe

Finally the other disciple, who had reached the tomb first, also went inside. He saw and believed.  John 20:8 (NIV)

Suddenly the door bursts open and Mary rushes in.  She is hardly making sense.  She is saying that Jesus is no longer in His tomb.  The news shocks Peter and John.  “What in the world is she talking about?”  They can´t believe their ears!  So they immediately start running.  John, perhaps a little younger or more in shape leaves Peter in the dust.  Maybe it is the sentiment he feels for his Lord that drives him harder past the point of exhaustion.  But now is not the time for waiting.  He has got to see what they have done with Jesus.  They are driven.  They just run.  John makes it to the grave first.  He doesn’t know what to expect.  He hesitates just outside the door as he catches his breath.  But he does not go in.  Misgivings, fear and confusion are all bombarding him with emotions.  In this, Peter arrives huffing and puffing.  He does not wait.  He stoops down and goes right in. John´s curiosity overcomes him and he goes in too.  They see the strips of linen that wrapped Jesus´ body.  The cloth is there too.  It is folded up nicely.  But it is true!  Jesus is no longer in the tomb!  Only now that they have gone on to see it for themselves do they believe.  Are we the same?

Prophecy has been fulfilled.  Jesus has been sent.  He is true to His mission.  He is faithful to the Father.  He pays with His life for the ransom of our race.  Into the grave He goes out of love and hope for our return to God.  But to those extremes He does go and then when all is accomplished He is restored to life eternal.  He lives!  He has risen from the grave!  He is the conqueror over sin and death!  True that the price had to be paid, but once all that needed to be done is lived through, He takes up His life again and is now alive!  This is hard to believe.  This is just about impossible to comprehend!  How can we get our heads around such a great concept?  How can we adjust ourselves to the fact that Jesus went right through the grave?  How can we finally come to terms with the fact that Christ has risen?  How can we understand and really know that He is alive and with God now?

One can look backward and say that what was written actually came to pass.  People can read or hear the stories and build their faith on that.  But putting our faith in a living, active moving God?  Is that much harder to do?  Does it take an advanced faith to believe that Jesus has returned to the living?  One may even be able to set their hopes on a future home in Glory.  But does believing in Heaven take slightly less effort than believing that Jesus is alive right now?  Peter and John went on to discover for themselves the strange news they heard.  They needed to experience it.  They needed to look for Him with their own eyes.  Where are we?  Where do we find ourselves in our walk with Jesus?  Are we able to accept the things we are told?  Do we really understand them when we do?  Who alive today is still concerned with experiencing the risen Saviour?  Who is moved enough to go and look for Him?  Who just can´t sit back any longer?  Who needs to yield to this burning from within?  Who still goes on to find out for themselves that Jesus is alive now and can be in our lives today?

Dear Jesus,

Our faith is weak until we truly see that You live.  We struggle with ourselves, distance and with our lack of urgency.  Please move us into action.  Let us run to find You!  Do not let us rest until we discover and experience Your resurrection ourselves!  Show us that You are alive and with us not just yesterday, not tomorrow, but right now we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg

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