See Angels

See Angels

and saw two angels in white, seated where Jesus’ body had been, one at the head and the other at the foot.  John 20:12 (NIV)

She just cannot tear herself away from last place she saw her Lord.  Mary stays behind outside of the tomb to cry.  Jesus´ body is nowhere to be found.  He is not in the grave.  The tears fill her eyes.  There is a great emptiness without the Presence of Jesus.  Her emotions are genuine.  There is nothing else on her mind.  This poor suffering soul focuses all that she is on her Lord.  She goes far beyond normal worship.  Her need to be with Him controls her.  It is in this moment of utter oneness of purpose that Heaven sends Its messages.  A believer is wholly centered, not upon self, but on the Glory above.  The gates are swung open.  God sees that the seeker truly wants nothing besides Him and the command is given.  Angels are seen!  God is free to send sweet messengers of His will to bless mankind.  Heaven and earth align within a soul and God finds use for a vision from Him.  Then people see angels!

There are many cases every day where normal people have extraordinary experiences with angels.  The tendency is to shy away from their stories.  We can see through each other´s feinted purity.  We easily see failures in each other, in our human conduct, practices or our general religious principles.  But God sees more!  God sees His dear children!  He sees right into people´s hearts.  He knows when and where to send us His messengers!  Those blessed being who already gaze upon the face of God are eager to spring into action the moment God would have them carry out His will in His universe.  They are marvelous and mysterious creatures.  Unlike humans they are not limited by our common laws of nature.  The fixed rules which hold our planet and maintain our existence in motion and order do not have the same dominion over these attendants to the will of God.  They can fly at times.  They can appear or disappear as God would have them.  They can take on the aspect of a normal person if God desires or they can shine with supernatural light.  However we may imagine them to be, whenever we are so blessed as to have any encounter with an angel of God, we are sure to be overwhelmed.  It is an extremely religious and impacting experience to be blessed with a vision or an awareness of the presence and existence of an angel sent from God.  But what if we have?  What if we haven’t?

We are not called to God to worship His messengers.  It may be a truly natural human response to feel undone in the presence of beings who come direct from the God we worship.  But we are called to God.  We are creatures created for Him.  In this utter dedication to God we are like the angels.  The blessing of meeting an angel or experiencing them in any way can surely lift our spirits and give us cause to glorify God.  But the privilege of turning ourselves fully to the glorification of our Heavenly Father or His Son is ours regardless of whether or not we get to see an angel today.  In fact, the stronger faith does not need external proof.  Therefore we can have good cause to praise the Lord anytime we hear of someone who has had a moment of light.  We can give glory to God always because men and women still have and will someday see the angels of God!

Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank you for heralds of Your glory.  Thank You that normal people may experience messengers sent directly from our Almighty Father.  We pray now not that we are so blessed just yet, but that stronger faith is given.  Tell us again that one day soon we will have the blessed joy of singing Your praises shoulder to shoulder with the angels.  Let us yearn for that day!  Let us look forward to seeing Your angels adore You as we do now!


by S.D. Wonenberg

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