So Much More In Jesus!

So Much More!

Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.  John 21:25 (NIV)


Our writer wraps up his book on his account of Jesus´ life and ministry.  As he does he leaves us with a couple of thoughts.  The first he remains ambiguous about the author´s true identity but makes sure we know that he was indeed loved by the Lord.  The last thought he wants to get across to us is that Jesus is in no way limited to the things he writes of Him.  Nothing can limit the Son of God.  Jesus is only limited as, and when He sees fit.  Our Saviour conquered sin and the grave.  He did so while carrying the weight of all that has ever been committed against God.  He alone could do it.  He alone paid the price.  For that, all Heaven and all earth is given unto Him for all time.  No account written down could ever do Him justice.  No book or any number of books can adequately describe Him or sum Him up.  This is one special note our beloved writer would share with us.  Has he been successful in handing us this blessing?  Do we receive his word as He caringly passes it to us?  Do we truly know that there is so much more yet to learn of Jesus?

When we reach the end of our book what do we usually do?  Normally we give a big sigh.  We may take a moment to reflect.  Some will think of the positive effect that the book has brought them or the things that they have learned.  Others will judge the book for what it did not do for them.  Then we normally tuck the book away wherever we store such things.  We go back to our lives.  Our attention shifts.  We dedicate ourselves to other interests until that book is forced further from our conscious.  It gets moved back in the closet of our minds to collect dust.  It is soon lost amongst the clutter.  But the Christian who is serious about our walk with the Lord cannot afford to do this with the Gospel.  We cannot afford this to happen with Jesus.  The books, the Bible, the sermons and everything else we can ever gleam are to bring us closer to Him.  We cannot achieve this if our impression of Jesus is small.  If we think of Christ as having limits than it is us who are placing limits. But the limit will be how much of Him we will experience.

So let´s take this last gift from the Gospel of John and use it as intended.  John would spark an interest within our hearts.  He would like to set our souls alight for the Lord.  He wants us to burn with passion and a hunger for more of Jesus.  Shall we give the author his due?  Shall we march forward hard on the heels of our Saviour?  Our fallen nature, this world, and many a dark force will try to steal our chances of coming truly to God.  Many a distraction would limit our spiritual growth.  Few will go on to cultivate our relationship with Jesus in the proportion that He calls us to.  But because Jesus invites us, it can be ours.  We must be determined followers.  We must be true disciples.  We must learn quickly and well that there is so much more to have of Jesus.  We must be the ones who will go on in faith and take that Promised Land!  We must not rest until the unlimited Gift is ours for good!  We must forever seek and be thrilled to find Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour!  God be with us all!


Dear Jesus,

We have walked with You this far.  We have been blessed with the chance to turn our attention towards You.  Now let the miracles start!  Let Your Word grow within us!  Let Your love and Your Presence with us grow until it consumes us!  Be our All today and forevermore  we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg

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