Pray To Be Shown

Pray To Be Shown

Then they prayed, “Lord, you know everyone’s heart. Show us which of these two you have chosen  Acts 1:24


We think of earthly things.  We do not see yet the Heavenly ones.  God sees with eyes that see interior motives, His eternal plans and with a wisdom unfathomable, even for celestial beings.  Jesus is His Son.  The Spirit flows to us from the Father and the Son.  What we cannot see, can and is given to those who ask.  Mysteries and wonders untold are unveiled to humble souls who believe that their God is big enough and generous enough to provide such knowledge if and when it serves to uphold Him and draw us nearer unto Him.

The Disciples pray to God for Him to show them what is in the hearts of these two men.  They let God decide who is to serve Him.  They come humbly to God for guidance.  Do we?  Do we really?  Do we take our problems to Him for Him to show us?  Or do we already have what we want in mind?  Do we come to be shown?  Or is this something we still need to learn?


Dear Lord,

We come to You for everything.  Teach us again to come as simple trusting children.  Teach us Your will for us in each of our situations and thoughts.  Let us come so close to You that You can open our eyes to Your movements.  Show us what You would have for us instead of letting us continue along in our ways.  Show us all the wonders, mysteries and power that You would show us if and when we learn to ask!


by S.D. Wonenberg

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