See No Decay

See No Decay

because you will not abandon me to the grave, nor will you let your Holy One see decay.  Acts 2:27 (NIV)


God is the All-Powerful and All-Righteous One.  Those things that are able to stand in the Presence of God must have all impurities burned out of them.  To be with Him they must become holy as He is Holy.  God´s Son is so close to Him that it is said they are as One.  Close is a term not only of space but of direct relation.  Jesus never let anyone or anything to come between Him and His Father in any way.  Being that close to God even the grave could not contain Him.  Jesus was not allowed to see decay.

All mankind has freedom to choose how much importance we are going to place upon our relationship with our Lord.  If we allow our religion to turn into a set of rules, rituals or theories, we begin to lose this element of closeness with our Lord.  Any distance places us at risk.  Could we turn to Jesus today with enough emphasis that we too can stand in direct relation to God?  Could we come so close to our Saviour that we too can avoid seeing any decay in our standing with Him?  Would this align us with God?  Could being close to Jesus be the safest place for us right now?


Dear Jesus,

Our only hope is that we are found in You, our Saviour.  Help us to become so close that no lasting harm or evil may slip in and ruin our chances of being with God.  Let our relationship with You strengthen into something so strong and intimate that we may also see no decay we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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