God has raised this Jesus to life, and we are all witnesses of the fact.  Acts 2:32 (NIV)


What is a Christian?  What are we?  Are we people who think a certain way?  Are we a people who act in a certain prescribed manner?  Are we people who have been mentally convinced by special information and now call ourselves by that name?  Or is a real Christian someone who has experienced something extraordinary.  The people mentioned above are not necessarily extraordinary.  Are we?

God raised Jesus to life.  Some people have had the pleasure within their lifetimes to experience that fact themselves.  Somewhere and somehow they have met this Jesus in some Way.  Their paths have crossed.  Their lives are changed.  We cannot limit this to a way of thinking.  It cannot stop with a pattern to live our life by.  Those who have come to know a risen Saviour are changed somewhere deep within.  The result is not a refined life, a higher standard of living, or a greedy desire to live forever.  The result of someone who meets Christ within their soul fills them with His love.  The person who has truly met Jesus will burn for more of Him.


Dear Jesus,

Please let us come to know You more today!  Let us experience You in such great proportions and come so close to You that Your Light radiated from us.  Let our enraptured spirit and determination to seek and find You in everything speak for itself.  Let the very direction of our lives be the witness of who and what we are now we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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