The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days

Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.  Acts 2:45 (NIV)


There was a day when people did not only think of themselves.  There was a time when the followers of Christ looked after one another.  They cared for the needs of others.  They gave.  They were not only interested in what they could gain.  They already had the sweetest Gift.  They had their eyes upon Glory!  They had it all!  They had the Source, the Giver, they had Jesus Christ!  Their belief in Him gave them a hope!  Jesus poured out the Spirit of God upon them!  It was wonderful!  It was marvelous!  Where did those days go?

If we can see that our interests have shifted from the Lord to us, then we have a place to begin.  If we can see that we have lost the urgency of our moment, then we can stir our interest again.  If we can see that there is precious ground to be gained with our Saviour, then hope can start to grow within.  We can turn from our ways.  We can go back to the Lord.  We can seek Him with an urgency that matches that of others who received power, hope, and the Spirit from on High!  Shall we stop lamenting and do whatever it takes to get back to the good old days where people were filled with selflessness and the love of God?


Dear Lord,

We would float above our times and the distractions that lie within.  We would be filled with Your Spirit that lifts us up!  We would come completely to You as they did in the good old days!  Help us now we pray!



By S.D. Wonenberg

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