Can´t Help It!

Can´t Help It!

For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.”  Acts 4:20 (NIV)


People are upset about hearing too much of Christ.  They don´t want to hear more about Jesus.  They want to stop His followers from speaking of Him.  They tell Peter and John to cut it out.  But Peter tells them it is out of the question.  The just can´t help it!  They have to get off of their chest what is burning inside.  They have to speak about all that they have experienced with Jesus.  They have got to talk about what they have seen and heard.  How about us?  Do we find in our hearts an uncontrollable desire to share what God has done in and around us?  Do we realize that we can´t help but speak of what our walk with Jesus brings to us?

The world may not want to hear it.  People may be tired of hearing the name Jesus spoken in our community, our jobs or even in our country.  But if our experience with Jesus is real, then will we find it impossible to keep quiet?  If we have come personally into the Presence of the Son of God, will we just have to let out our secret?  If we can see the Lord working in our lives and hear His voice instructing us each day, will we find that we just can´t help it either?  Can we come to Him now and get so close that our day will be full of wonderful things that we can´t help but tell of our Lord?


Dear Jesus,

Let us come before You now.  Let us come so close to You in living experience now that we will not be able to contain all that being with You does for us!  Fill us with an uncontrollable urge to share You with those around we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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