God´s Word And Boldness

God´s Word And Boldness

Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.  Acts 4:29 (NIV)


The prayer is that we can stand in the face of threat and danger and speak boldly the Word of God.  This is the call of Christians.  Many a crusade has been mounted up and carried out in violent lack of concern for others.  But is this what we are supposed to do?  Would the Lord send out an army of convinced workers to act in a way unworthy and completely misrepresenting of the God of love?

The boldness that the Disciples prayed for was not to be enabled to confront opposition, but to find a Way and a Power by which we can convey the News of God to people who don´t even know they need Him.  They did not want to lose the character or nature of God to carry out His work.  And neither should we.

We cannot call something the Word of God unless it is full of God-like concern, mercy and love.  Righteousness is not following a set of commands to the letter.  It is being right with the God Who knows what is right.  This means we should have the nature and interest of God in mind and not just success or lack of fear.  Shall we pray today along with the Disciples for the God of love to be in every word that we speak of Him?  Shall we too ask for boldness to direct all mankind to God and to lift Him up higher, instead of any other imagined mission?


Dear Father in Heaven,

Please help us to share You and Your Word without fear.  Let us boldly show our world how wonderful You Are!


By S.D. Wonenberg

How great is your God?  How do you hope to represent Him today?  Comment???

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