Heavenly Vision


“Look,” he said, “I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.”  Acts 7:56 (NIV)


His life is brought to this one crucial moment.  Stephen is up against the world that looks to its own created ends.  But he is moved by the Spirit of God.  He looks above the clatter and distractions.  He is given a vision of the Son standing by His Father´s side.  He shares what he is shown.  The angry world will not want to hear it.  The expression seals his fate.  His walk here is through.  They take him out to do away with him.  Can we see a trend here?  Is this the way it is for those who are given a Heavenly vision?  Do they no longer fit in this world?  Will Heavenly insight end our earthly walk to?  If it does, should we care?

A Christian today may or may not be given a vivid look into Heaven.  But we all can have an outlook which sets us apart.  We can have our eyes tuned to see the Son.  We can look up above all the business and clamor of our day.  We can look to God and to Jesus by His side.  It may cut many ties we have in this world.  It may not make many people happy here.  But could this Heavenly insight bring forth its fruit in time?  Could a more intense focus upon our Savior set us on the course that brings us unto Him?


Dear Lord,

Give us a clearer vision of our Savior now!  Let us gaze upon Your spender and glory!  Help us see past our surroundings and keep our eyes searching for the Heavenly Vision!  Let focusing our sight on You be our highest goal today we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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