Holy Spirit Talk


The Spirit told Philip, “Go to that chariot and stay near it.”  Acts 8:29 (NIV)


A man hears angels.  Now he is hearing the Spirit of God.  He is given clear and specific commands.  He is sent to a desert road.  He is to keep close to a chariot.  How does this happen?  Can ordinary people hear the Holy Spirit?  How does one get so connected to the Lord that He can guide, instruct and move us directly?  Is the answer complicated or simpler than we may think?

Does the question really lie in Who we are supposedly connected to?  God works for His eternal goals.  He is forever working to restore His people unto Him.  Should those who claim to hear from Him reflect this nearness of thought and deed?

Philip is directed from above.  His motivation, and devotion are set not on anything he might possibly dream up.  He is set on obeying and being so near to his Lord that God can speak to him and use him at will.  Could we seek this kind of heart too?  Could we go beyond or casual coherence to a religious thought or way of living?  Could we seek to be so deep in communion with our Savior, that the Holy Spirit or even angels can talk with us?  Would the Spirit talk with us and show us how He is working to bring our hearts and those of others nearer to the Lord today?


Dear Lord,

Draw us so close to You today that we are fed and directed by none  other than Your Spirit.  Make our relationship with You so intimate that we can hear the Holy Spirit talk with us!


The song in English too.  Not so moving images but powerful words.

By S.D. Wonenberg


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