See The Light


As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him.  Acts 9:3 (NIV)


He is a man on a mission.  He thinks he is pleasing God.  He takes it upon himself to do away with all those who do not believe as the church says is acceptable.  But he is mistaken.  He is persecuting followers of Jesus.  He is treating horribly honest souls that have set their hope in Christ.  Charity and love are far from his mission.  Encouragement and directing hearts towards the Lord are not on his agenda.  He only seems to gain momentum until Jesus speaks to him.  He has success on his earthly mission until the day that he sees the Light.  How about us?

What mission have we been on?  What have we thrown ourselves into?  Have we been marching off on some imagined holy task?  Have we forgotten to be charitable and filled with the love of God?  Regardless of where we stand in the eyes of our church, have we seen the Light of Jesus?  Have we been purified by a genuine encounter with the Son of God?  Have we really seen the Light?


Dear Lord,

Flash over us now in conscious awareness!  In an instant, burn away the haze where we have been travelling.  Pierce our world with Your Presence and Your Light!  Let us be blinded by Your Glory and Your Brilliance!  Let us see nothing else until our hearts have properly bowed before You!  Remove us from our earthly missions!  Make us humble, changed and moldable instruments for You!  Let us see the Light today!  And never let us be the same again!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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