Who Is Our Lord?


“Who are you, Lord?” Saul asked.  Acts 8:5 (NIV)


The brilliance of God shines through!  It is the moment of encounter!  Paul is meeting his Lord!  He cannot see Him but he can hear the Voice piercing his soul.  God is calling out to him.  He cannot stand in this moment.  He is on the ground.  In the overwhelming moment he asks the mighty question.  Paul asks Who Is it that calls out to him.  He wants to know.  He asks directly into the Brilliance and Wonder that has confronted him and is making Itself known unto him!  Who his Lord Is?  Do we know?  Have we asked the bold question?  Have we made it into the shining Presence?  Have we really?  Have we heard Him tell us personally Who our Lord Is?

Many a Christian will plod along on their journey through life.  They will imagine that they know the God they serve.  They will think like Saul, that they are doing their Lord´s will for them.  But if we have never heard His voice, if we have never asked Him ourselves, how will we know with the certainty of personal encounter?  Do we even want to know?  Who is willing to ask the daring question now?  Who truly wants to know Who Is our Lord?


Dear Lord,

Tell us again!  Tell us now!  Break through our reality!  Pierce our day with Your brilliant wonder!  Grace us with Your Presence!  Let us encounter You now!  Let us ask You directly!  Let us hear from Your sweet voice!  Give us the answer we seek!  Who Is our Lord?  Let it be You!  Let us know You with the certainty of intimate experience we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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