Live Again


He took her by the hand and helped her to her feet. Then he called the believers and the widows and presented her to them alive.  Acts 9:41 (NIV)


A good disciple dies.  God sends another powerful friend of His to the funeral.  But the outcome is unexpected.  Peter sends the weeping out.  He prays.  The Spirit that has already been stirring moves him to call her name.  Driven by the Lord he asks her to get up!  The dead woman awakes!  She is alive again!  Tabitha becomes a new and fragrant reminder of the power and love of God!  The deceased is no longer lifeless!  The person without hope is now lives again to praise God and share His love with the world!  Has something similar happened to us?

Every soul that walked the face of the earth has one crucial fault.  All but One stands outside the Presence of God.  Only the Son of God was born without this connection.  The rest of us must have something happen to us to bring us back into the arms of our Father.  Jesus is the Way!  He purchased that right with His life!  Now we have this choice.  Do we want to truly live, or are we content with what we have so far?  If this is all we seek, then it is ours.  But if we want to live again, shall we seek to die to our former life?  Shall we ask the Spirit to awaken us?  Can we ask Jesus to live again?


Dear Holy Spirit,

Work Your wonder once more!  Move again!  Stir now in our world!  Light a fire within our hearts!  Spark us to life again!  Let us live for Christ!  Let us live in Jesus!  Awaken us to God!


S.D. Wonenberg

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