See Into Heaven


He saw heaven opened and something like a large sheet being let down to earth by its four corners.  Acts 10:11 (NIV)


On the rooftop he finds himself ravished with hunger.  He devotes himself to prayer.  The man of God turns his attention towards Heaven.  Then God opens the door!  He peels back the clouds!  The humble worshipper gazes up in wonder!  Peter cannot really explain what he sees.  He can only say that it looks like something resembling an common earthly object.  How can his eyes take it all in?  How can he possibly describe?  How could our language and our imagination ever stretch enough to encompass the wonders of God?  Have we ever been enlightened enough that we are overcome?  Have we ever come so close to seeing into Heaven that we cannot find the words to describe our experience?

Whenever and however the Lord chooses to move we are sure to be blown away!  God is just so grand, so marvelous, so inconceivably wonderful that no matter how prepared we are, we will be astounded!  We will be thrilled to the core when we do encounter Him in our lives!  As we go through our day, shall we keep an expectant watch?  Shall we live and move with the anxious desire to glimpse a little deeper into glories of Heaven?  Could we yearn and strain to see more of the wonder of God today?


Dear Lord,

Open the gates for us!  Thrill us with the wonder of You!  Let us see enough of You and Your glory that we will be overwhelmed and amazed!  Let us be so astounded by our experience that we will seek more of You in earnest we pray!


S.D. Wonenberg


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