The Voice Of Authority


The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.”  Acts 10:15 (NIV)


Heaven is opened and the prayerful worshipper is allowed a glimpse of glorious things.  Peter is given a strange vision.  A voice tells him to get up!  It tells him to take what is offered to him.  But he cannot imagine God would have him take this!  In our human eyes, there is so much that God may be working towards that we just cannot possibly all.  There are so many things that our limited vision and understanding just cannot comprehend.  But God knows what He is doing.  He sees the path He would have His true followers take.  So the Voice commands!  The Voice of Authority leads us where God would have us go!  We don´t have to see.  We just have to listen, to seek, to follow and to obey!

In the case of each individual the God´s plan will be unique.  Our call will not be the same as that of another.  Our task is not the task of someone else.  We will have one thing in common.  We will all face the choice of listening and heeding the Lord´s urging, or to turn rather to what we have an easier time swallowing.  Should we seek to hear Him personally today?  Shall we all ask now that we hear the Voice of Authority?  Shall we pray that the Lord will help us with whatever it is that He may ask of us personally?


Dear Lord,

We know that what You ask of us will be a bigger plate than we can handle.  You may ask us to do things we are not used to doing.  We just ask for Your help when we do hear!  Be our wisdom and our strength to carry out Your will for us we pray!


S.D. Wonenberg


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