Only A Man


But Peter made him get up. “Stand up,” he said, “I am only a man myself.”  Acts 10:26 (NIV)


Amazing power is displayed from above.  Pure hearts can see and recognize it easily.  Direct instruction, vision and hearing from Heaven come to humble souls.  In this crucial hour, with the hand of God so apparent, the centurion bows before Peter.  Peter has been blessed more than most by the Presence and power of the Holy Spirit.  But he sees them bowing down to him.  He stops it.  He tries to correct this tendency of ours.  He explains that he is only a man.  There is One worthy of our praise and worship.  But Christ is not only a man!  He the Son of God!  He is our risen King!  He is the One!  He can bring us to our Father!  We can bow to Him!  But do we prefer to pay our tributes only to man?

With great esteem we pay endless amounts of respect to those we hold as spiritual giants or leaders in faith.  But should we be so hasty?  Should our real enthusiasm go towards the One even they should point us towards?  Peter was right!  Our allegiance should go unto the Lord!  Should we examine where our attention is directed?  Should we pray to Jesus that He is the Apple of our Eye?  Should we ask all heaven to assist us in pursuing our place right there at our Savior´s feet?  Shall we bow now to the One Who is not Only a Man?


Dear Lord,

We lift up so many things in our hearts.  Please forgive us!  Let us look to You and give our praise only to You!  Let us have more than only a Man!  Let us have Jesus now we pray!


S.D. Wonenberg

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