You know what has happened throughout Judea, beginning in Galilee after the baptism that John preached–Acts 10: 37


Peter stands to address the group of hearers.  He starts off by referring to the fact that the people are aware of Jesus.  People already know of the stir Christ has made, the wonders and the sacrifice.  But what is it that he can give to those who will listen?  What can the man of God offer?  Do we think he can give more information?  Or is Peter led by the Spirit to help all who hear him come to know and experience Jesus personally?  Is this what it means to really know?  Do we know what it means to know?

We say we know.  We have information.  But do we have the Holy Spirit filling us, flooding us and moving us?  Is It the driving Force that overcomes us and leads us through every step of our day?  Or do we still go about our business most of the time on our own?  Do we come to consider Jesus just when it is convenient to us?  Do we truly know what it is to know Christ?  Are we making it important enough to seek Him here and now?  Is knowing Him and knowing He is with us each and every moment, how we can say that we know?  Are we honest when we say it is in His arms where we know we are right now?  Or could we know Him more?


Dear Lord,

We want to know You like we know nothing else!  We want to know that it is You and Your Spirit that fills us, floods us and gets us through our day!  We need this closeness!  We need to know You are with us now!  Do not let us get up from our knees until we do know we pray!


S.D. Wonenberg

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