So when Peter went up to Jerusalem, the circumcised believers criticized him and said, “You went into the house of uncircumcised men and ate with them.”  Acts 11:2-3  (NIV)


Does it pain us to hear of people from within the body of believers looking down on others or criticizing them on their actions?  Is it difficult to think that the very people who should be filled with the love of God are filled with anything but the love of God?  Does it make us sad to find those who should be reflecting the same qualities and sentiments as Jesus intentionally hurt others with their false sense of superiority?

Before we step into our own version of hypocrisy, perhaps we should examine ourselves.  Is there any way we too may treat another with less than the love Jesus showed us?  If so then it is us who need repent.  If we can be found thinking higher of ourselves or lesser of another, than who is guilty of criticizing?  Should every Christian everywhere keep a constant eye out for this old stumbling block?  Should every believer from every denomination that calls themselves by the name of Christ seek to have His nature filling us and controlling us at all times?  Should we pray today for all those criticized and also that we are not the ones guilty of injuring the faith of those who do not act as we think they should?


Dear Lord,

Please guard us from thinking we are better than anyone.  Fill us with Your love and let it be that love that flows from us.  Help us to be willing to forgive our fellow Christians and encourage them to need You as much as we do now!


S.D. Wonenberg


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