Full Of Spirit


He was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and a great number of people were brought to the Lord.  Acts 11:24


He is described as a good man.  He is said to be full of the Holy Spirit.  He has faith.  Are these the things people use to describe us?  Is it what someone would say about us today?  What if a friend or a coworker were to introduce us to another person?  Are these the words they would use?  Barnabas is sent to witness and teach about Jesus in a place where Christ is needed.  Many people come to know the Lord because of the fact that he is like this.  It is not because the man is a good speaker or that he knows the doctrines well.  It is because he has faith and is full of the Spirit!  Are we?

Perhaps this is what we should be seeking.  It may be all the rage today to accumulate knowledge on Biblical truths.  It may be in fashion to have a great character or speak with authority.  It may be nice to have people love us for a million qualities of our own.  But could we all use a little more of the Holy Spirit flowing through us?  Could we each move more fully to the urgings, the voice and the wisdom of God as He feeds it out to us in just the right moment?  Could we make haste, go farther and seek more intently to be full of the Spirit of the Lord today?  Shall we now?


Dear Jesus,

As we look to those around us we see what men like to see.  But as we look to You we see there is ground to be gained.  Please pour out and fill us with Your Holy Spirit!  Let us be so full of Spirit that all will see the power Your Presence has in our lives!  Unleash Heaven into our hearts now we pray!


S.D. Wonenberg


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