The Power Of Prayer


So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.  Acts 12:5 (NIV)


They catch the man.  They put him away.  The world thinks they will have their way.  But there is one thing they do not count on.  There are people praying!  Peter is locked up tightly in jail.  But concerned Christians roll up their sleeves.  They get down on their knees.  Their prayers go up.  The petitions of honest seekers of the will and heart of God float up right into the Presence of the Almighty!  What nobody is expecting is about to happen!  Prayer is about to open doors!  One of mankind´s mightiest weapons is being activated!  The world is about to witness the power of prayer!

Do we find it wonderfully uplifting to consider God-centered people bowing their heads to the Lord?  Can we sense an “Amen!” rising to our lips when devoted disciples turn their hearts upward in prayer?  Does something boil up inside of us and drive us to do the same?  Is the Spirit reminding us of all those who could use our prayers right now?  Is there someone we know that is bound by the world?  Can we think of someone that our petition to God could help?  Would it please the Lord if we threw ourselves into a deep and earnest session of prayer?  Who wants to see now what can still come from the amazing power of prayer?  Shall we see?


Dear Lord,

Let our prayers rise right into the Presence of God!  Let our petitions put us where You want us to be!  Move again in our world!  Let us see Your mighty arm at work!   Show us the power Your earnest follower´s prayers can still have today!


S.D. Wonenberg


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