God Endure Our Conduct


He endured their conduct for about forty years in the desert,  Acts 13:18  (NIV)


Invited to speak Paul stands to address the curious.  His mission is to help people see their need for a Savior.  He would show that we already have One.  To set the scene he has his hearers look back and see what God has done and what He has had to endure.  In the desert God had to endure the conduct of the Israelites who kept turning to everything but to God.  They let their sights fall to their own pursuits and to their own shallow beliefs.  Could the Lord in Heaven still be enduring that same conduct today?  What might God endure with us now as we take our turn on the stage of life?

The people who listened to Paul´s speech saw a need to adjust their thinking.  Many people heard and turned their hearts to seeking a Savior.  Many people set their hearts and their hope in Jesus.  We too can still learn.  We who have grown comfortable in our lives, routines and beliefs can still learn from looking back.  We can approach the Lord today with a fresh desire to find Christ in our day!  We can seek to have Jesus with us now!  We do not need to carry on our way!  We can change our thinking!  Who would concern themselves with what God will endure of our conduct now?  Shall we bring Him all we can and ask for His help to giving Him a little more of ourselves and our hearts today?


Dear Lord,

Forgive us for letting our hearts go out to something less than You!  Help us turn to You so that You do not have to endure the pain of receiving less devotion from us now we pray!


S.D. Wonenberg


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