Time It Takes


He overthrew seven nations in Canaan and gave their land to his people as their inheritance.  All this took about 450 years.  Acts 13:19-20  (NIV)


We are impatient.  We want everything now.  In our hurry we unconsciously try to apply our haste to God.  We think that He should move without irritating us with delay.  But we are wrong!  With less than a thought or one word God can change everything in an instant.  But He always knows just what it takes for all the conditions to be perfectly met.  Do we think it should be different with our souls?  Could our response to God´s will have more than we think to do with the time it takes for Him to give us what He is promising us?  Should we accept a little responsibility for our faith?

God is more eager than we are to have His children in His arms.  But when we try to skip past our learning steps we fail to realize that it is these steps we must make to get to where God would have us.  We want the prize before we learn to trust.  We want our treasure before we learn to seek it.  We want spiritual perfection before we learned how important it is and what it costs to attain.  We want Heaven before we learn why Heaven is so special.  Should we pray that our eyes are opened?  Should we learn trust God with the time it takes for Him to teach us?  Should we work along with the Holy Spirit so that He doesn´t have to wait so long for us to realize that He is the One waiting for us?


Dear Lord,

Help us learn now the trust You are trying to teach us!  Don´t let us waste the time it takes for us to come to You we pray!


S.D. Wonenberg


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