Stirred Up


But the Jews who refused to believe stirred up the Gentiles and poisoned their minds against the brothers.  Acts 14:2


As Christians it is a good thing to be stirred up.  But we must be very careful as to how we are stirred.  We can be stirred to anger, jealousy, problems and strife.  Or we could be stirred to seek the Lord with all our hearts, souls and mind.  The religious scene has always been an emotional scene of stormy sentiments.  There have been people extremely zealous and always after the leanings of their hearts.  But not all those fiery souls truly have God in mind.  Much, if not most of what goes on in the name of religion is not really an attempt to adjust ourselves to the teaching of Jesus.  Should the honest worshipper seek to be stirred to find their Savior and hear directly from Him just how we should be stirred up today?

From the first pages to the last, the Bible divides those who just call themselves by God´s name and those who are moved to seek Him and His will.  Those who go on to actually place themselves before the Lord in personal experience and at any cost to their earthly lives are those who gain the approval of Christ.  These are those who will press on into Divine Presence.  These are the ones stirred not by earthly motives or goals.  These are those stirred up to do anything required to be with Jesus now!  Are we going to get stirred up over anything less than having Him in us today?


Dear Lord,

Let us yearn for You now!  Let us be so consumed with being in Your Presence that we are not stirred to find problems!  Stir us up to seek You and find You in a million ways today!


S.D. Wonenberg


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