Faith To Be Healed


He listened to Paul as he was speaking. Paul looked directly at him, saw that he had faith to be healed  Acts 14:9  (NIV)


Crippled from birth, the man sits there eating up the words that speak to him of Jesus.  It must be written all over his face.  The man of God can see the faith reflecting on his face.  Never had he been able to walk.  He never got the chance.  Some things are just not possible until faith in Christ comes to a soul.  As Paul invites the man to stand, he leaps to his feet!  A poor crippled man hindered by his infirmity since the day he was born is restored to health!  Now he can move!  Now he can praise God like no other who has never been visited by the Holy Spirit!  In Jesus name the miracle happens!  It is all because this man let his heart be filled with hope!  It is all because he has faith enough to be healed!  Do we have that kind of faith now?

What is it that people see written upon our faces?  As we sit in our pews and hear the Good News, what can people see?  Do we let the weeks go by?  Do our lives tick slowly away?  Or have we felt the urgency of today?  Can we sense a hope building up from within?  Is the thought of Jesus Christ welling up until it radiates from our entire being?  If we are not living that intense of faith today, would we even like to have it?  Who will ask the Lord today for faith enough to be healed?  Who wants to finally stand up in Christ?


Dear Lord,

Let our faith in You shine through today!  Give us the kind of faith that will allow You to heal us and let us stand with You!



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