Hearts Purified


He made no distinction between us and them, for he purified their hearts by faith.  Acts 15:9  (NIV)


Some fail to look all the way up to God.  They struggle to lift their eyes higher than the things of man.  They see differences in beliefs.  They see differences in ways to worship or to be Christians.  This is a big problem.  It has always been a problem.  It can happen even to us.  Peter stands up to make the appeal and end our bickering.  He draws attention to the hand of God.  He points to the working of the Holy Spirit.  He lifts our gaze back to the Lord.  He says that God looks past the exterior and sees the interior.  God sees the heart.  He looks for people who are concerned with Him there.  And it is there where purification occurs.  Can we say that our heart has been purified by faith?

The first response we may like to give in our defense might be to point to our outward expressions of faith.  We may say we go to church, profess our beliefs, witness of Christ and many other activities.  But the question lies neither with what people might think or those exterior qualities.  It comes down to where faith has placed our hearts in relation to Jesus.  Is He where He can work to purify our hearts today?


Dear Lord,

Enter into our hearts today!  Come beyond all that we normally see!  Come so close to us that You are able to change the caliber of our hearts!  Purify us within and set us hard after You today we pray!


S.D. Wonenberg


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