Bear The Name Of The Lord


that the remnant of men may seek the Lord, and all the Gentiles who bear my name, says the Lord, who does these things’  Acts 15:17  (NIV)


They gather to discuss whether or not any man can call himself a Christian and have access to the throne of grace.  They do not change the facts that lay before the Lord.  Rather we come to terms with, and realize how things are with God.  Old Testament and New join in harmony to show that the Lord is pleased to be sought.  We hear of times of plenty and of times of famine.  But God is not finished!  He is at work!  He is forever restoring and building up!  Even now He is preparing for Himself a remnant.  The Bible tells us who the chosen people are; they are the ones who bear the name of the Lord. Is that us?  Will it be?

To answer our questioning hearts should we examine what it means to seek the Lord?  Should we start by looking at what it means to bear His name?  Does it mean hanging a sign on our chests?  Could it mean referring to ourselves as Christians?  Or is there a considerable amount of responsibility on how much, how urgently and how far we go in our effort to know our Lord?  Who will it be who cares enough to find out?


Dear Lord,

Too much weighs on what we are doing with You now to push it off to another day or to overlook it somehow.  Please come and examine with us the nearness of our hearts to You.  We need to know now that Your name is truly written there!


S.D. Wonenberg


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