Servants Who…


This girl followed Paul and the rest of us, shouting, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved.”  Acts 16:17  (NIV)


Not all spirits are good spirits.  But by their nature they can see things that humans cannot normally see.  So with a curious twist of intention they can give their own testimony to God when they are confronted by the movement of the Holy Spirit.  This fortune-telling girl is in a lucrative business until she couldn´t stop herself from harassing God´s servants.  Her supposed insulting accusation holds a surprisingly uplifting message.  Although her intention is to harm or impede spreading the Word of Christ, she manages to give a description we should all be striving to achieve.  Who would not want to be called servants of the Most High God?  Who wants others to know that we are sharing with them the Way to be saved?

If we are one of those Christians today whose only goal is to cling to a pleasing thought of inheritance, then we may not like to be called servants.  But if our goal is to truly please God, then nothing should make us happier.  If we could know that it comes across to the world that we serve not this world but the Most High God, then the tiniest piece of our reward is received ahead of time.  Shall we pray that we too could carry the incrimination of being one of those pointing to Christ and telling the world the Way to be saved?


Dear Lord,

Help us not to care about what the world will shout of us!  Rather let them see that we are servants of You!  Let the world know that we only want to share with them the Way!


S.D. Wonenberg


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