Insult Upon Injury


After they had been severely flogged, they were thrown into prison, and the jailer was commanded to guard them carefully.  Acts 16:23  (NIV)


Even a casual glimpse into the Scriptures will show how men who were willing to stand for Christ and the Father were constantly mistaken, humiliated and abused.  Reasons for this may be many but one thing is sure: to step out of the current and turn to the Lord will not always lead to a comfortable and pleasant lifestyle here on earth.  However much we may wish that we could have our cake and eat it too, the ones who truly have God in mind first will have to stand out like a sore thumb.  In fact, those who are not willing to go far out of their way will find little inconvenience in life.  But those who would go the extra mile for their Lord will find in direct proportion, a resistance from the world and all that is evil.  Are we experiencing the world´s distain as we find ourselves turning more and more to Jesus?  Are we taking our faith in Him to a point where we are willing to endure insult upon injury?

Many Christians today gladly embrace the thought of receiving the blessings described as ours in Christ.  But how many of us are willing to place our hearts in a state where those blessings can truly come?  How much are we willing to suffer today?  Is our walk with the Lord strong enough to warrant the world´s insults upon injury?


Dear Lord,

Let us stand for You in an age where people fear people!  Let us walk so close to You now that whatever the world throws at us we will only rejoice in the grace we have found in You!


S.D. Wonenberg

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