Sing While In Prison


About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.  Acts 16:25  (NIV)


Locked away!  Behind bars!  The world has its way again!  Good people with only the hope of sharing the good news of salvation in Jesus to others are treated cruelly and forced into jail.  In the prison cell where the world would shut us up, we find Paul and Silas singing praise to the Lord.  What?  How can they be so oblivious to the hateful treatment?  How can they sing when the very people they are trying to help lock them away?  Do they know something we don´t?  Are they seeing something we can´t?  Or are they focused on things we have not yet begun to fathom?  What gives the man of God the strength of faith to sing even while in prison?

The story and instruction we are left with of these men show that they take their faith to a higher level.  We live in an age where much focus is placed upon where we are and what we are doing.  For us being in prison looks like a pretty bleak scene.  Although we live in this age we do not have to think like those of our times.  We can be like Paul and Silas.  We can focus on our nearness to Christ!  We can look to see and find God wherever we are!  We can still sing in whatever prison we may find ourselves locked away in!  Shall we press forward with our walk and our faith in Jesus today?


Dear Lord,

Help us walk so near to You today that no matter where we are or what kind of oppression we face, we are able to sing praises to You!  Draw us that close in love today we pray!


S.D. Wonenberg

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