To Be Saved


The solid world a man has trusted is shattered when he meets God.  The jailer knows that bars and solid walls can keep even the strongest men locked up.  But when God shows up, He rocks the foundations of our thinking!  Prisons are opened and destroyed by the realization of God!  The fortified doors which once held men securely fall helplessly in the face of the Almighty!  When man wakes up to find that God truly is as big, as strong and as present as He says He is, it is time to ask.  Have we come to that moment too?  Have we been shaken awake?  Are we trembling now and asking what we need to be doing right now to be saved?

The old trick that people used to convert people was to convict of sinful acts.  But when a person truly comes close enough to the Lord, our whole lives seem ridiculously feeble.  Our fortified opinions will not hold.  The strong doors we lock to our hearts can crumble down in an instant.  Whether today is the first day or one of a thousand, should we approach Christ again now?  Should we get close enough to Him that our world is shaken?  Shall we open our eyes, fall at His feet and ask the trembling question our Savior wants to hear?  What should we be doing now to be saved?


Dear Lord,

Shake the foundations of our world today!  Let us and all who care to know, that You are here and nothing can stand in Your Presence!  Whisper to us what we need to hear now and to do now to be saved by You we pray!


S.D. Wonenberg

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