In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.  Acts 17:30


Looking back we see how God forgives so much of our innocence and so many times we turned our backs on Him.  But what counts is right now.  Yesterday has no power to save us.  A person who once walked with the Lord will not be saved by something they said or did before.  As much as we might love to think all will be well for us and for all the encouragement we get from modern Christianity, we have a responsibility to how we walk today.  If we are not walking hand in hand with the Lord right now, there is nothing else that can save us!

We cannot put our faith in time.  We cannot trust our ideals.  We cannot hope that our firm convictions will do the trick.  There is no substitute for having Christ!  There is nothing more vital than to be found in Him!  There can certainly be nothing on earth or in Heaven that will secure our place with God if we fail to have an intimate walk with Jesus.  We may feel responsibility to a million things in this life.  But the only real responsibility our souls will have for eternity is where we stand with God!  Are we standing close enough to Him right now?  Shall we drop everything and run to Him now to see what we are doing with our responsibility?


Dear Lord,

Please help us to see what is most important! Let our urgency be You and how close we are to You today and for all eternity to come!  Thank you for overlooking our past, but teach us of our responsibility to You now while there is still hope for us!


S.D. Wonenberg

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