Proving Christ


For he vigorously refuted the Jews in public debate, proving from the Scriptures that Jesus was the Christ.  Acts 18:28


Intelligent and eloquent, words can convince.  Many Christians secretly prepare themselves to defend their Lord.  Each of us will surely need to know what we believe.  We should all strive to be prepared to share.  But the concept that it is our primary duty to be able to prove Jesus is Christ is not our first obligation.  The Lord will surely lead the true believer into situations where nobody can refute their testimony.  But do we think our proof will come from a better interpretation of the scriptures?  Do we think it will be from a more cunningly prepared speech?

Only God can provide God for the unconvinced.  Only the Presence and working of the Lord can turn hearts.  Should our primary concern be in seeking His Presence and His movement?  If we truly press on and assure He is here and free to move in us, He will provide all the proof that is needed to achieve His goals.  We will never have to worry about who to impress.  God will move as He desires in us.  ´We don´t have to march off to find dispute.  Shall we turn to Him now with all we have, all we are and all we might become?  Shall we begin proving Jesus by our strong relationship with Him, our utter faith and our overwhelming love?


Dear Jesus,

Help us focus our entire beings upon You!  Let us seek Your Presence now and always, moving powerfully in our day!  Let our simple faith and complete enthrallment in You be all the proof the world needs to know that You are the Lord!


S.D. Wonenberg

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