When The Spirit Comes


When Paul placed his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came on them, and they spoke in tongues and prophesied.          Acts 19:6  (NIV)


There was a day when the appearance of the Holy Spirit in the lives of people was more than evident.  What do we find today?  When a person starts believing in Christ, what do we see?  Do we see a refined lifestyle?  Do we find higher aspirations or hope to live for?  Do we find hard hearts learning to love with a more God-like love?  Yes, certainly!  But are we satisfied then?  Do we stop there?  Is there nothing more that we yearn for from that point on?  Who is left that is looking for and counting on the indescribable wonder that overcomes a believer when the Holy Spirit comes to fill them?

Prophesies, signs, miracles and healing; these are some of the wonders that flow when the Spirit of God really does come.  When a believer yields their whole being to the movement of the Spirit, then the changes are not merely physical.  Surely lives are improved, but this is only the beginning!  A Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit is a channel through which God can touch His creation!  They are open doors through which the Almighty can display His power, His love and His care!  When the Spirit comes into His true believer the wonder begins!  God is here again!  He is moving!  He can do all He wills to do because of the faith He has found and instills!  Shall we pray for the Spirit to come to us now?


Dear Lord,

Come to us!  Pour out Your Spirit upon us!  Move in power again!  Live in us!  Thrill us now with Your Presence we pray!


S.D. Wonenberg

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