God did extraordinary miracles through Paul,  Acts 19:11

God moves powerfully.  In His name people are miraculously healed and people are amazed.  However thrilling and beautiful the performance of miracles may seem, one thing must be remembered.  It is the work of God.  It is His business, His right, and His power.  They are performed with His consent.  Miracles are given to show the world that the Almighty is here.  They show God cares enough about ordinary people to show His marvels.  He has always moved in ways that blow our minds.  And He is moving still today!  Is God working miracles in our lives now?

Many people will say that God definitely has the power to do what He says.  Some people will loosely hold to this idea but fail to see why God would intervene or care to move now.  But God has not gone into hiding.  He is here!  He still has all power in Heaven and earth.  When He decides that to move will bring Him glory and His children nearer to Him, He can more than accomplish anything.  To set our hopes in God is to set our hopes in His restoring power and His unlimited strength.  Shall we imitate the mighty Christians of old?  Shall we press forward in faith in the character and capabilities of God?  Shall we pray to be amazed today to see God at work?  Shall we pray that His miracles are poured out again?

Dear Lord,

Let our faith in You grow until we are able to see Your mighty hand at work!  Thrill us with what You can do to further Your name and glorify You!  Show us the miracle of Your Presence in our lives now we pray!



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