Who We Are


One day the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?”  Acts 19:15  (NIV)


Reading the Bible gives us a look into realms we normally cannot see.  A man who has an evil spirit afflicting him speaks out.  The spirit knows people and powers which are foreign to us.  We cannot see clearly who or what these mysterious forces are about.  But by their reaction, we see that they know what is going on in the invisible spiritual realms.  We can see how some people are known as belonging to God.  Others do not.  These spirits know whether we follow Christ or if we lend ourselves to lesser masters.  We may follow our own desires or we can follow wherever other dark impulses would lead us.  There are some though that are known to go past mere concepts.  They press forward in a vital and vibrant relationship with the Divine.  They are known by spirits.  Do we know how we are seen in the spiritual realms where people´s true intentions are not hidden?  Do we care to know who we really are?

Would it be of great benefit for us in the face of eternity, to feel the urgency today?  Would we like to proceed past doubt, past our own secrets and past any deception?  Would we like to get so close to the Lord that all powers everywhere will know who we are?


Dear Lord,

Until we are given eyes to see into the spiritual mists where You dwell, please keep us focused upon You!  Help us press on past every distraction and achieve our goal of truly being with You!  Show us who we are in and with You!  Let it be our utmost concern we pray!



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