The Way


About that time there arose a great disturbance about the Way.  Acts 19:23  (NIV)


Throughout history there have been times when people got all worked up about their beliefs.  Great disturbances have risen for and against God.  Can we detect anyone getting overly moved about where they stand with God now?  Are we?

Christian revelation teaches that God Himself gave us an indescribable Gift in sending us His Son.  Even this gesture was misinterpreted.  A disturbance arose and God´s Gift of Love was put to death.  Before He died Christ told us that if we wanted to have any part with God, then we needed to do that by coming to Him.  When He rose from the grave, He became our Way.  Now He is this Way in which we have to know and love God.  But to walk in this Way, every individual must make up their own mind.  Each must lend their heart to the Way in which they will walk.  All of us must choose how much we need to get worked up about.  All must choose Who to get worked up about.  Is it time for another great disturbance today?  Is it time for us to feel a little stirred up over Christ?  Shall we get fired up now about Jesus our Way?


Dear Lord,

Let us feel the weight of the hour.  Let us know that now is the time!  Now is when our hearts should be disturbed!  Now is when we can get worked up about You!  Let us sense a great pressure building up within.  Let us give in to our love and praise of You!  Let our hope and faith in the Way build up and overwhelm us now we pray!



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