A Good Income


He called them together, along with the workmen in related trades, and said: “Men, you know we receive a good income from this business.  Acts 19:25  (NIV)


There were times when other religions and idol worship were more widely spread.  Many people made a living off of buying and selling, laboring for, and maintaining their beliefs.  The Bible teaches us that the worker is worth his wage.  But what is for sell?  What is to gain?  Is there a difference between a heathen selling his wares or us selling ours in the name of God?  Could the difference lie considerably deeper?  Could we ask the One we follow just who we are trying to benefit?  Should we insist until our own earthly tending hearts cannot convince us of any feigned innocence?  Do we truly seek to bring hearts nearer to God?  Or are we satisfied with numbers or a good income?

In our Christian work we could try to defend ourselves.  We could think if we are spreading the Word, then we are serving the Lord.  But can we forget too quickly that God always sees the intentions behind what we do?  Does He see even those things we don´t want our own conscience to know about?  If need be, even the rocks and trees will praise Him.  So should we humbly bring our offering to the Lord each day for His approval?  Shall we ask that He leads us into His service instead of just working for a good income?


Dear Lord,

Teach us today the joy of giving instead of receiving!  Show us that what we can gain of You is far more fulfilling than a good income.  Help us give you our all now we pray!



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