Why We Are There


The assembly was in confusion: Some were shouting one thing, some another. Most of the people did not even know why they were there.  Acts 19:32  (NIV)


Confusion, assemblies, some saying one thing, some saying another, and some not even knowing why they are there.  Is this a pretty good description of many of our situations today?  This may not seem too important until we look at it in the light of our churches, our lives or our spiritual standings.  The Christian however should never need to have a doubt.  Do we find ourselves wondering at times why we are there?

The true follower of Christ should have a solid faith that right where we are, no matter how agitated the situation may seem around us, is right where the Lord would have us be.  Things may look bleak, impossible and even dangerous.  But if our eyes are really on Jesus, we should be able to step forward secure in the assurance that we are right as long as we are with Him.  Could this even be the reason we are there in the first place?  Is it to be with God that we are here experiencing all that we do?  Shall we pray that the Holy Spirit brings to us this confidence now?  Shall we ask that peace comes to us in the face of the storm?  Shall we ask for the simple trust that why we are here is to walk with our Lord, come to know Him and focus our lives upon Him now?


Dear Lord,

Help us look to You despite the confusion around us.  Remind us that what we are experiencing is working for us an eternal benefit as long as it brings us closer to You we pray!



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