Turn To God


I have declared to both Jews and Greeks that they must turn to God in repentance and have faith in our Lord Jesus.  Acts 20:21  (NIV)


A life of service and sacrifice for the Lord is summed up in this short description.  Paul explains his mission and his faithfulness to his commission from above.  He encourages all to turn to God.  He calls believers and unbelievers alike.  He carries on where others have settled along the way.  He is a pillar in the true church of God.  He is a gem in the crown of Christ.  He never stops helping all those who will listen.  Are we listening today?  Do we take the time to consider?  Do we ever open our eyes and look at the choices we are making?  Do we even want to know if we are plodding stubbornly ahead on our own courses?  Do we care to know if we are truly choosing turn to God instead of following our own personal objectives?

The path remains before us.  The servant has been faithful in bringing us the encouragement.  We can still take heed.  We can follow the advice.  We can overcome our tendencies.  We can press on past the distractions.  We can come right into the Presence of God.  But we must turn from all that we would otherwise seek.  We must have faith in our Lord Jesus to take us there.  Shall we ask Christ to help us truly turn to God now?


Dear Jesus,

We need Your help.  The distractions are many.  But for the hope offered to us we must proceed.  Help us turn away from all our tendencies and to God now in honesty we pray!


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