Led By The Spirit


“And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there.  Acts 20:22  (NIV)


As long as Christians live in a fallen world, we will have to tread through some uncertain times.  The wind will certainly blow against those who set their hearts and their lives on being with God.  While the storm blows, while it buffets us and confuses our way, the joy is ours to have the very best of travelling Companions.  To be led by the Spirit means a walk completely dependent upon the Lord.  It means to trust our Guide even though we cannot see how or where to place each step.  Do we prefer to find our contentment from our accomplishments, or by being led by the Holy Spirit?

The disciple who is committed to walking with God will not care how treacherous nor how difficult their path is to see.  Their eyes are not set on the things of this world.  Their focus is completely on their Savior.  They will step whenever or wherever the Spirit leads them.  Their joy is complete not in seeing the road in front of them but by knowing the One Who walks each step by their side.  Shall we concentrate our efforts now?  Shall we focus too on the Companion Who is here to guide us?  Shall we seek Him above all else?  Shall we let our hearts soar in the face of the storm and rejoice when we are truly being led by the Spirit of God?


Dear Lord,

Please help us put our trust not on what we can see or have gained.  Let us have our confidence fed to us each day in the exact amount we need directly from You.  Let our joy come from Your Presence and being led by Your Spirit we pray!



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