The Lord´s Will Be Done

The Lord´s Will Be Done

When he would not be dissuaded, we gave up and said, “The Lord’s will be done.”  Acts 21:14  (NIV)


It may be a common saying.  We use it still today.  When we find that situations are out of our control we shrug it off and say “God´s will be done” as if we mean it.  But do we?  Or are we really just demonstrating our own disappointment?  Is it actually a reaction we resort to when our pride has been injured and we don´t get our way?

There is a world of difference between what the words say and how it is that we use them.  The significance cannot help us if our intentions are not in line with God.  We do not correct our inconsistent hearts by simply repeating a statement which should glorify the Lord.  Could it be high time that we learn to bow before the Almighty once again?  Should we learn to say His will be done but in a way which we actually mean it?  Should we learn to set aside our agendas?  Should we turn and come before God?  Should we drop to our knees and whisper in fear that regardless of whether we understand or not, His plan is the one for us?  Should we seek the strength of faith that will allow us to say “the Lord´s will be done” at any cost to our comfort or safety?


Dear Lord,

We want to go beyond giving You flattering words or sayings.  We want our faith to grow into something we live out each day!  We want to trust You and Your plan even though we cannot see how or why!  Be glorified in our lives by our simple trust and our complete commitment to You we pray!



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